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Application of DC E-load in engine generator
2020-10-09 14:22  Click Browse

Generator is the main power of automobile which could supply electricity to all electric equipment and charge battery in functioning normally.

In the test of generator, E-load should be capable of simulating electricity generation performance of generator in 4 modes from idling to full speed. During this process, it need to real-time observation to voltage and current. Traditional E-load could not match this requirement and test data is not accurate. Thus, professional E-load is necessary.

There is a test to electricity generation performance of generator in automobile generator test. It requires E-load could simulate different rotate speed of generator which is necessary to get complete test result. APM DC E-load offers various operation modes for selection. For example, target at the test of electricity generation performance of generator, it is available to adopt CC mode as well as the CV mode. Both 2 modes could simulate different rotate speed which could help engineer to get complete test result.      

Besides simulating rotate speed, simulating the current flow through generator in different rotate speed is also an important test item. Through these two important test data, it could portray change curve of rotate speed and current which could confirm their relationship. APM programmable DC E-load contain function mode. It could directly edit curve of current and voltage in front panel to simulate current status of generator in different rotate speed. 

                          APM DC E-load could loaded according to edited waveform


Besides program, auto monitoring and completing test accurately, APM DC E-load has wide application in automobile and other test electric industry with good performance. You are welcome to inquiry and purchase.