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Application of APM DC source in fuse test
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In electrical faults or abnormal situation, current will constantly increase. Without protection device in circuit, increasing current causes continuously heat which may burn out circuit and even fire. Fuse, as the most important device in the protection of circuit, could protect circuit by rupturing current when fusing. Because of it, selecting a suitable power supply for fuse test appears to be more important. It could not only improve efficiency but also guarantee the accuracy of test.


Below feature make APM become popular section in fuse test.

Short mode

Fuse could equivalent to milliohm resistance. In actual test, output voltage of power source is extremely low, almost close to short circuit mode. When Short mode is off, power source could constantly keep high current output.

Timer mode

Power equipped with timer function plays an important role in test. When setting fusing current point and cut off timer current point, power source could display fused time in screen of power supply after test without circumscribed instrument like oscilloscope to read fused time. Time resolution could reach to 200ms, applicable in fuse with long fusing time.

CV/CC priority

Select CC priority could have quick current rising and minimum overshoot which could get clean current waveform.

Current fast-rising

Fusing time of fuse will be shorter as the increasing of current. It is necessary to have fast-rising current to satisfy the test requirement or the fuse will have been fusing before test current point.

Master-slave mode

Support master-slave parallel connect output. It support higher current test and easy to extend current. Response time in master-slave mode is equal to single unit. It only need to operate one power source.


Internal resistance will change as the as the test proceeds. Durability test of fuse and temperature test require power keep stable output in long time.

Platform is easy to build. It could start to test after connecting load and fuse without other circumscribed auxiliary equipment. If you have any doubt in test, you are welcome to call APM. We have professional team to offer you effective solution on time.


APM, a more professional, higher effective and handier choice in fuse test.