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Application of Pulse mode of APM AC Source
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Pulse refers to transitorily abrupt change of voltage or current. Common pulse shape contains rectangular pulse, square-wave pulse, sharp pulse, pulse step modulation, interval sinusoidal pulse. At the meanwhile, pulse voltage has the characteristics of mutability and discontinuity.

APM programmable AC source has Pulse Mode function. It could simulate the effect of pulse voltage to equipment. It could set the parameter of pulse including voltage amplitude, frequency, duty ratio of pulse waveform, angle, and waveform category and operation time. It could test voltage drop and power grid low frequency disturb.

For example, according to below setting parameter, voltage could realize the function of 2ms power off in a fixed time point when voltage output within 2s.

Vac、Vdc、F:pulse waveform parameter

Duty Cycle:pulse waveform proportion in one cycle

Waveform: Waveform selection A/B

Period: Total Cycle Time

Count: Pulse file execution times,0 is infinite loop

Start: time of duration of output before enter main screen of Pulse Mode


Actual output waveform is as below, in 45 degree power off for 2ms and then voltage amplitude recover. Phase position normal output according to the phase angle after 2ms

 APM programmable AC source not only have strong waveform simulation function, but also have characteristic of high power density, high reliability and high precision. It is compatible with screen touch and button. APM AC source has the characteristic of easy to operate, built-in setting surge and trap, built-in IEC61000-4-11/ IEC61000-4-14/ IEC61000-4-28/ IEC61000-4-13 waveform. It could simulate normal or abnormal output from power supply for the electric equipment which could satisfy the test of input power. It is equipped with advanced measurement function and able to parallel connection immediately which could satisfy the power condition of sine wave power source. Thus, it is capable in lightening, aerospace electric equipment and other areas. It could also widely apply in product test, especially component test.