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ELS Series DC Electronic Load System
ELS Series DC Electronic Load System

The standardized DC electronic load cabinet is formed with 7U height units. The maximum input current and power of a single cabinet is up to 3000A, 66kW. Support master-slave configuration to increase the input capacity to 264kW.

These cabinets use world famous circuit breaker to control the input of DC E-load moudle inside. After power on, the specified unit will be configured as a Master to control all of the slave units. In an emergency off situation the EMS will cut all units in the cabinet from AC supply, ensure safe operation.


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◆ Provides four kinds of basic working mode such as CV/CC/CR/CP, and CV+CC/CV+CR/CR+CC complex operating modes.

◆ Adjustable current slew rate, adjustable CV loop speed.

◆ Ultra high precision voltage & current measurement.

◆ Short circuit test mode.

◆ Auto mode function provides an easy way to do complicated test.

◆ V-monitor/I-monitor.

◆ Full protection: OCP, OPP, OTP, over voltage and reverse alarm.

◆ Equipped with Emergency Stop, physically off all managed DC eLoads at once.

◆ Back door with protect switch, safe to the operator.

◆ Front panel USB interface supports data import and export.

◆ Using standard SCPI communication protocol.