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AT-T4000 Series Uninterrupted Power Supply test system

AT-T4000 uninterrupted power supply (UPS) auto-test system, the best and most suitable auto-test system for all kind of Uninterrupted Power Supply.


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Based on demand of users, APM provide UPS auto test system with different power range, powerful functions and most economics benefit.
There are several groups of test item built in AT-T4000 UPS auto-test system. APM also provide test item extension function. For new demand, it could edit the test item in Test item edit function.
AT-T4000 auto test function has powerful report editing, statistic analysis and management function. It could provide complete tool to generate test file and executing system management. For now, research and develop people take values to test and statistic report editing in product research, QA inspection and substantive test. These function could help user to save time in editing files. 

Main feature:

● Standard test item target in optimization ofUPS, easy to learn.

● System with human interface, easy to cooperate, meet the requirement of product line.

● Open software edit platform, available to edit and revise programmable System. 

● Based on different requirement in system building, modular design is easy to system maintenance or extension.

System schematic: