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AT-T3000 Series photovoltaic inverter test system

Applicable to scientific research and development of grid -connected inverter, pre-delivery inspection, model test, type tests, production processing, laboratory electrical test, authoritative identification and detection.


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AT-T3000 Series photovoltaic inverter test system is equipped with optimized standard test item which target in photovoltaic inverter. It could meet the standard of En50530, Sandia Lab, IEEE1547,1547.1, UL1741, Chinese national standard GB/T 19939, CGC/GF004 preliminary electric test. As long as user confirm the test condition and specification, it is could process test via standard item.

Optimized standard item cover 5 kind of test requirement. Output performance test could testify output feature of photovoltaic inverter. Input performance test could testify electric input parameter, time and transient could testify protection time and  transient parameter. Protection test item target in circuit protection which could trigger and test. Special test item could provide special test item according to DUT interface or feature. It could largely satisfy special demand of user. 

System schematic