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AT-21000 Series Switching Power Test system

Applicable to all kinds of Switching power, adapter, charger, LED power, Telecom Power System, PC power source, PCBA and product test. 


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AT-T2000 Series Switching Power Test system could applicable to all kinds of Switching power, adapter, charger, LED power, Telecom Power System, PC power source, PCBA and product test. System adopts hardware modularity built-in structure. System could be compatible with different programmable power source (all brands and model DC and AC source), DC E-load, power analyzer, digital oscilloscope, time/noise analyzer. There is a built-in test item target in optimizing power source feature. Combining the open software architecture, user could edit test program according self requirement. System support one-time parallel test several DUT which significantly improve test capacity. At the meanwhile, it also support multi-output switching power source test which could satisfy all kind of switching test requirement. This system contains powerful function, simple operation, capable of generating test report automatically, editing statistic analysis and system management. It could satisfy requirement of modern quality control and product test. It supports Shop floor  process control system which could realize remote net monitoring. It is the optimal auto test system of switching power source manufacture. 

Main feature: 

● Standard test item target in optimization of switching power source, easy to learn. 

● Single test, laboratory certification or QA casual test, support multi-parallel test.

● Single unit output switching power test, satisfy all kinds of power source test.

● System with human interface, easy to cooperate, meet the requirement of product line.

● Open software edit platform, available to edit and revise programmable System.

● Based on different requirement in system building, modular design is easy to system maintenance or extension.

● System could match the requirement of Energy Star average efficiency test requirement.

● Able to cooperate with test tooling of PCBA connecting plate to have multi-connecting plate testing, save labor cost.

● Hi-Pot function is optional. In the process of product test, it could realize high pressure function switch to complete test.

● Hi-Pot+FCT one shop test, production compliance test and function test could go on simultaneously, not only save time in test and settle board, but also invest of labor cost.