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High Power DC Power Supply System
High Power DC Power Supply System

The large power supply has two series: SYS and SYSA, available increase the power range in an easy way. Whicn bings users with high speed but safety operation experience. The SYSA series power system is equipped with a contrl & supervisory panel, can control and monitor the running state of each power moudle in real time. The CSP screen displays the running information of all the units and the total ouput of the system as well. Safety design that switches all units off whenever the alarm is occurred on any unit of the system.


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● Power Range 36kW~180kW, output current up to 3000A

● The Mater unit or CSP will search all the slaves and set up the master-slave system automatically when power on 

● Central control with the Master unit or CSP

● Full hardware / user-defined protection 

● Arbitrary waveform synchronized operation function

● Built-in RS232, RS485 and USB communication interface, GPIB&LAN or CAN communication card is optional.

● Supports SCPI commands

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