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High Power DC Power Supply System
High Power DC Power Supply System

The high power supply system supports two series cabinets b ased on the control mode : SYS and SYSA. The maximum output voltage and current of a single cabinet is up to 2250V and 3000A respectively. Output power of a single cabinet is up to 180kW. Support master-slave configuration to increase the output capacity to 576kW. SYS series cabinets use world famous circuit breaker to control the input of each power module inside. After power on, the specified 3U or 6U height power supply will be configured as a Master to control all of the slave units. CSP is the Master in SYSA series cabinets, which is equipped with a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and a CSP (Control & Supervisory Panel). The PDU consolidate microprocessor and management of hundreds of thousand VA AC mains in a 5U/8U height chassis. The CSP will display the input and output parameters of this system. The touchpanel provides a complete, intuitive user interface for users to easily manage all configuration, setup and update. Full protection designs prevent potential injury.

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● Large color touch screen, rotary knob and keys provide an excellent operational experience.

● 3-phase input voltage meets worldwide power distribution regulation, AC mains 187~253Vac/340~460Vac for optional.

● Constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC) and constant power (CP) operation mode, CC or CV working priority setting.

● Adjustable voltage/current slew rate.

● Smart 3-stage charging algorithm simulation.

● Full protection: OVP, OCP, OPP and OTP protection.

● Equipped with Emergency Stop, physically off all managed DC power supplies at once.

● Back door with protect switch, safe to the operator.

● List/ Step mode programming.

● Standard RS232/RS485/USB interface, optional LAN & GPIB interface, optional CAN interface.

● SCPI compatible, provide web GUI function.

SYSA Series Advantage

● CSP5/CSP8 , connect with 5/10 units 3U height DC power supply or 3/5 units 6 * U height DC power supply.

● Built-in power meter, to monitor the AC mains parameters such as V, A, Frequency, Power and PF.

● Support efficiency calculation and electrical quantities recording.

● Built-in Timer, allows to set output running time.

● Easy to enable the output of each power supply from the touch screen, sequence On/Off DC power supplies.

● Display the output parameters of each DC power supply in the same system.

● PDU significantly simplifies the wiring for DC power system.

● Use-defined AC input protection parameters such as OVP, UVP, OFP, UFP, OCP and Phase loss.

● Provide web GUI function to monitor & control the CSP via etherent.

* Even the same model CSP may be configured differently, which is based on the connected DC power supplies.

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