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SPS Series DC Power Supply System
SPS Series DC Power Supply System

APM provides stable DC output. Built-in voltage and current measurement function could provide wider range voltage and current combination. Single unit could cover range from 12KW to 40KW. Power rang could reach to 2000A and voltage range could reach to 1200V.
DC source system can fulfill different kinds of DC power applications. Users can set the output voltage, current arbitrarily. Measure all kinds of features and display on VFD. At the meanwhile, power source provide multi standard interface, simplify and accelerate test development. 


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◆ With accurate voltage and current measurement capability
◆ Coded knobs, multifunctional keyboard
◆ Standard RS232/LAN/RS485/USB interface, Optional for GPIB
◆ Remote sensing to compensate for voltage drop in load leads
◆ Support CV and CC automatically switch
◆ Function of editing List waveform
◆ Use SCPI commands
◆ CE certified