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Programmable DC Power Supplies
Wide-range Programmable DC Power Supply

APM provides stable DC output and wider range voltage and current. For single unit, current range could reach to 200A. Voltage range could reach to 800V. One unit programmable power supplier could substitute several rectangular power. It could output multiple voltage and current group, set timed output time, provide OVP、OCP、OPP via front panel or PC. It supports list file function with built-in automotive electronics test waveform. Standard interfaces include RS232、RS485、USB、LAN. GPIB is optional. It could apply in various fields. 


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● With accurate voltage and current measurement capability
● Coded knobs, multifunctional keyboard
● Standard RS232/LAN/RS485/USB interface
● Remote sensing to compensate for voltage drop in load leads
● DVM independent measurement functions
● Function of editing List waveform
● Use SCPI commands
● CE/UL/CSA/FCC certified
● Built-in automotive electronics test waveform


● Master/Slave parallel or series operation mode for up to 10 units