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APM DC E-Load for Fuse Testing Field
2021-05-31 16:03  Click Browse

 Recently, APM help Korean distributor win order in automobile electronic components field by its reliable fuse test function.

Thanks to the ultra fast response in current rising/drop, measurement accuracy could reach to 100us in the circumstance of stable test, which could satisfy the requirement of fast fuse verification test.



Comparing with previous solution, adding electronic load to fuse test has below advantage:


  • Less requirement to DC source, DC sources do not need to operate in extremely low voltage which make output more stable;
  • Control current in test loop via CC mode of E-load., easy to set.
  • Single DC source could match with multiple-channel E-load to test the fuse, improving test efficiency.

Test diagram



Introduction to setting:

A is the current value when start counting which could be any part in current rising stage. B is the test current value of fuse test; C is the current value when test end which could be any part in current drop stage. To guarantee the accuracy, we suggest to keep the setting that :IB≥IA≥IC.




Test data



When current in loop reach to count start current value, timer start to operate until fuse burn-out. When current drop to count stop current value, timer stop and buzz to announce user that test has completed.

APM EL series high density programmable E-load contains three voltage ranges: 200V/600V/1200V. Single unit power range covers from 600W to 26.4KW. Current range could reach to 2880A. It is available to extend to 528KW via parallel connection. It could be safely and reliably applied in all kinds of battery discharge test, power electronics and electric power product test fields.

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