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Application of power supply in audio amplifier test
2021-05-06 16:03  Click Browse

Audio power amplifier normally contains industrial frequency transformer, rectification and capacitor filtering and other test sector. To get better frequency response, capacity of industrial frequency transformer is produced to be high. Capacitor filtering is the same to achieve the effect of “pond”.
An electric company in Shenzhen used to use linear power supply to test audio amplifier test. But large size and weight, high cost, low efficiency and low power range of linear power supply has been inconformity to current test requirement. By contrast, switch power supply has smaller size, low weight and high efficiency. It has been widely used in electric product. After site test, APM DC source won the trust and selection from customer by high efficiency, stability, reliability, precision and high cost effective.


APM DC source could provide stable DC output and wide range voltage and current. Current range of single unit could reach to 200A. Voltage range could reach to 800V. 1 unit could replace 3 units of rectangle
power source. Support front panel and software to remote control multiple output voltage and current groups. Support setting output time; provide OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/short circuit protection. Support list waveforms edit function. It is easy for engineer to operate to keep the test simple, fast and accurate.

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