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 After multiple test, an internationally known electric tool manufacturer start to introduce APM programmable DC E-load to the final factory test of battery pack of electric tool. Previously, customer placed some orders on APM DC source to simulate battery pack in the final factory test to handheld electric tool.


Battery internal resistance simulation function

Different from power source, internal resistance of battery is non-negligible. To be more close to reality, it needs to add internal resistance simulation in the test of battery pack. After test and comparison to different models of battery pack from customer, it could confirm the accurate internal resistance parameter. Then, it could adjust alarm mechanism according to test requirement. Besides, it could add password protection according to operation mode of production line and then develop a complete and reliable solution.


Battery pack test waveform


Power source test waveform

Besides, SP3U/6U wide range high power DC source could realize battery internal resistance simulation via FPGA HIGH SPEED.

Battery pack function test

EL200VDC2400W equipped with PLC control test fixture could realize final factory test of battery pack. This model E-load has wide current range which could satisfy the test requirement of different models of battery. Light weight, one person could move it alone. Due to Small size, it is flexible to match text fixture.

It is available to realize real time monitoring via RS232 interface and test high current protection via I-MON terminal which improve test efficiency and guarantee the stability.


With Increasingly complete product line, strong RD strength as well as years of test experience, APM keep continuously providing solution in different fields.