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Application of External Control in the Test of Electron Components
2021-01-28 16:15  Click Browse

 APM programmable DC source is not inferior to top-ranking power source brand from China and foreigner countries via customer feedback. With the advantage of high power high current, low ripple, low noise, high accuracy, high resolution, quick response time, adjustable voltage slew, external analog control and high cost performance, APM emerges victorious in the competition with many power supply brands and win the trust of customer.


One customer from Philippine, whose main business is the production of electron component, selected SP40VDC4000W and SP80VDC12000W of APM from multiple brands . It guarantee the quality of product.



Customer applied external control of programmable power supply in test system. Externally input 0~5V/10V continuously or discontinuously voltage to set the output voltage, current and power. With monitor control of client site, it could control output and shut down of power supply via high or low signal. External control is applicable in SI which is quicker and more reliable than remote control. Precision and stability of APM get approval from customer when customer test and receive the power supply. 

Customer highly recognized the high standard of APM product. It increases the production efficiency with cost saving. Customer would increase the purchase on APM product for future projects.