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Application of external analog control in automobile electronics test
2020-12-28 15:37  Click Browse

 Recently, APM distributor in Korea won an automobile electronics components ATE system via quick response and reliability of external analog control.


To better understand external analog control, let us review 3 normal control of power supply.

1. Panel control

Also known as local control, it set or edit power source via button on panel or touch screen. This kind of control normally applies in bench control.

2. Remote control

Connect power supply with computer via communication cable. Control power source via sending command. This kind of control is applied in system integration or the environment that panel control is not available.

External control

Known as external analog control, external input 0~5V/10V continuous or intermittent voltage to set the voltage, current and power of power supply. This kind of control is suitable in system integration with quicker response speed and higher reliability.



In the acceptance inspection of customer, output voltage of power supply perfectly has linear amplifier output with analog input. It won customer’s approval.

After integration to test system, it will automatically perform acceptance testing to electronics component. It could extremely improve test efficiency on the premise of test accuracy.


Besides above control basic parameter such as voltage and current via external analog control, external control module of high power DC source add monitoring screen to input/output analog. As a measure of convenience to the customers in data exception checking, there is no need to add oscilloscope or multimeter for measurement. At the meanwhile, equipped with warn signal, it completes the whole external control mode.


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