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Application of APM DC E-load in Fuel Battery Test
2020-12-22 15:41  Click Browse

        This year is one of the most important years for APM. Multiple series of new products become more and more mature during this year. Most attractive products include high power DC source and DC E-load.

       There are up to 80 model of single unit product. At the meanwhile, it could expand to power source system and E-load system. Models expand to hundred. Customer has more selection in model based on economy, flexibility and convenience.

        After long term investment in R&D and test, hardware, software and function of E-load has significant improvement. Increasingly sales from customer is the widely approve to product quality and brand awareness.

        One of domestic famous state enterprise in aerospace industry, after selecting from several of E-load brands, finally chose APM high power DC E-load system. The whole system is built by 12 units of 7U E-load EL1200VDC13200W. Each 3 units built a cabinet. 4 cabinets could all work independently or parallel with other cabinets.

        To connect cabinets, it only need to connect cooper bar, communication cable and fixed plate, which is convenient and efficient.

        Single cabinet could reach to 39600W with 1440A.

        When 4 cabinet parallel, total power range could reach to 158400W with 5760A.


        It is mainly applied in fuel battery test to trigger single pulse signal, and shortest pulse width is 0.1ms, then discharge to fuel battery transiently.

        There is a great variety of model and power density of APM DC source, AC source and DC E-load. Foundation framework of product has completed. In the grand blueprint of APM, to meet the demand of market, smaller size and low power range E-load and DC source, 3 phase single unit AC source will continuously release. It is certainly that customer would find a favorable unit in APM from a wide range of APM product list.