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Introduction to Short Circuit Function of APM E-load
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APM programmable DC E-load could simulate load(electrical appliance). Manufacture which has strict requirement to power source will use E-load to test the performance of power source. APM programmable DC E-load contains complete function. Besides basic static status and dynamic status, it contains LED, digital, Timing, SPEC test, short circuit, OCP and so on. It could say that it contains all function that will be used by power source manufacture. This article mainly introduces application of short circuit function.

E-load short circuit: It refers an output terminal of a DC or AC source has low output impedance. When short circuit happens, protective circuit will be activated to limit output current. It is designed to protect power source from risk or avoid damage to load connect to power source. Programmable high power DC E-load designed by APM could simulate short circuit situation via SHORT key. E-load will enter short circuit mode and loaded in maximum current gear. No need to extra short down relay to test the power source. 

Enter main menu, click the Configure, and then Load Setup. There will be two modes in short circuit Hold and Toggle. User could set according to using habit.

Hold: need to hold pressing Short key to enter short mode. Once release, short mode will relieve automatically.

Toggle: Press SHORT key, E-load will enter short circuit mode. Another pressing will relieve short circuit.


APM Technologies design high power DC E-load for different demand from more test filed.  We scrupulously think in design only for providing exclusive service. APM technologies has always kept constant pursuit of technology, breakthrough and innovation, to improve service and value of product. 

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