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Application and selection of APM E-Load
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APM Programmable DC Load is equipped with complete protection function including internal and external protection. These two types of protection have their own characteristic.

Internal protection contains: OVP, OCP, OPP, Reverse Voltage and OTP; External protection contains OVP, OPP, On load overvoltage protection and Low Voltage Protection.

User should select suitable programmable E-Load according to the output characteristic of equipment under test. Module of E-load could work independently or parallel operation. Series connection is dangerous for module operation. The ideal status is operation within the measuring range of single module. Then, it is parallel connection operation. It means voltage range of the selected module must match test requirement. The sum of current and voltage for single module or multiple parallel modules should match test requirement. At the meanwhile, it should be careful to select the E-load with true protection function according to actual situation. It could avoid exception occur.

In these years, function of programmable E-load is increasingly known by people including various production line (phone charger, phone battery, automobile battery, switch power, linear power), scientific research institution, automotive electronics, aerospace, vessel, solar cell and fuel cell industries. Main characteristics of APM E-load contains CC, CR,CV,CP, CV+CC, CV+CR,CR+CC operation mode; OCP, OVP,OPP, OTP and reversed connection protection; Flippable front panel and colorful touch screen; be capable of on load according to setting voltage; Battery test and short circuit function; Providing dynamic test, setting of slew rate of rise and down; Supporting external trigger input/ output and external voltage, current waveform monitoring terminal; capable of remote voltage compensation, various data storage; Power on self Test, software calibration, standard cabinet size design; Supporting GPIB, RS232, RS485,LAN, USB communication. 

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