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Purchase and application of electronic load
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Characteristics and application of electronic loads
Enterprises and research institutions always use variable resistors to simulate load for simple experiments. It is cumbersome that different variable resistors should be used for different load currents. When the test voltage changes, the value of the load current just adjusted must be changed and readjusted. With low efficiency, it is almost impossible to complete the test of power supply, adapter and battery.

The electronic load can simulate the load like electrical appliances, accurately detecting the load voltage and adjusting the load current. It can also simulate the short circuit of the load, the resistance and capacitance load, and the rise time of capacitive load current, etc…Electronic load has become a powerful tool in design, development, production and testing.

Operating principle of electronic load
An electronic load is the "load" function realized by electronic devices, whose output port conforms to ohm's law. Specifically, the electronic load is a device that dissipates power and consumes electrical energy by controlling the flux of the internal power device MOSFET or transistor. Generally, it contains CC, CV, CR, CP, short circuit and dynamic load mode, which allow it simulates different load conditions.

Electronic load function

With CC,CV,CP,CP, constant impedance, dynamic current, dynamic resistance, frequency sweep function and list mode, APM high power DC electronic load can read back the parameters of voltage, current and power. It contains short circuit test, over current, power, over-voltage, over-temperature protection, and the reverse alarm; it can detect the current electronic load voltage and current (0 ~ 10V) through external simulation output interface. The communication interface is standard RS232/RS485/USB and optional LAN & GPIB, also the interface for multiple electronic loads parallel operation available. Please check following function of the appearance:
● Flippable front panel and color touch screen allow convenient access and operation

● Provides four kinds of basic working mode such as CV/CC/CR/CP, and CV+CC/CV+CR/CR+CC complex operating modes

● Adjustable current slew rate, adjustable CV loop speed
● Ultra high precision voltage & current measurement

● OCP/OPP testing function

● 50kHz high-speed CC/CR dynamic mode

● 500kHz high-speed voltage and current sampling rate
● Timing & discharging measurement for batteries
● Short circuit test mode

● Auto mode function provides an easy way to do complicated test

● Dynamic frequency sweep function for determining worst case voltage peaks

● Non linear load mode function makes the simulated loading current more realistic

● Supports external analog control function

● V-monitor/I-monitor

● LED load simulation function

● Full protection: OCP, OPP, OTP, over voltage and reverse alarm

● Up to 20 units master/slave parallel control

● Front panel USB interface supports data import and export

● Standard communication interface: RS232/RS485/USB, optional LAN&GPIB

● SCPI communication and standard rack size make it ideal for ATE System integration

● Smart fan control with lower noise and better for environment

● Multi versions to meet the cost performance and different applications

Specific application examples of electronic loads

● Manufacturers of home appliances: appliances are generally powered by power modules, which require electronic loads for testing and aging.
● Manufacturers of LCD and other computer components: Test and age their internal power supply modules.

● Manufacturers of switching power supply: Test the power supply stability, load stability, output voltage adjustment, and transient characteristics of DC power supplies. For multi-output power supplies, you can use the combination attached to the test.

● Manufacturer of adapter/charger: It is necessary to test the adjustment capabilities of the battery adapter's output voltage and current. It will ensure the device powering and device battery charging correctly. CC and CR mode can work for regular performance testing; OCP and SHORT function can test the protective action of the products. The adjustment time and charging time of the charger can be measured by the load time of the load.

● Others: In a nutshell, the selection of electronic load corresponds to the product. According to the number of output channels, the maximum voltage, the maximum current, and the maximum power, you can choose the electronic load that meets your product test requirements.

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