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APM in Electronica 2019- New Product first show up in India
2019-09-28 15:19  Click Browse

India, as a country with second large population in the world, is a market in South Asia with strong industry potential. India is one of the traditional market of APM and India is one of the earliest market of APM programmable power supply sold in Asia. Thus, India and Electronica means a lot to APM.

To develop further in India market, Electronica is a good platform for promotion. Electronica, as the most famous electron exhibition in the world. It attracts lots of exhibitors, buyer and electron industry professional. It is an exhibition full of chance and latest information.

Different with the previous exhibition of APM in 2019, APM first show DC E-load in oversea exhibition.In this exhibition, there will be one E-load in the booth,modelEL600VDC4400W.

DC E-load will be a new and key product of APM in coming years’ development. It is definitely will open a new market for APM not only in India but also the world. There will be more chance for APM to known by world. Because E-load has wider application area.

APM DC load covers from 300W to 26400W, including 3 voltages for selection, 200V, 600V and 1200V. For rack, APM DC load cover from 3U to 13U. Among of series, 600V has already sold to various customer and has got good feedback. Customers cover from world-level electric manufacture to research center. It is a product with good price and good function.


APM will keep high efficiency, high precision and high stability in our new product and we believe APM could earn more approval from different customer from the world by good quality and good service. 


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