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APM in PSECE 2019- New Product forecast
2019-06-04 16:26  Click Browse

Philippine, as the largest Semiconductor and Electronics market in South-east Asia, has been a growth point for APM market in South-east Asia. Thus, APM keep promotion in Philippine. PSECE, the most professional Semiconductor and Electronics exhibition in south-east Asia market, is the good choice.

Different with the previous exhibition to promote APM in Philippine, APM has an important target in this exhibition. APM will have forecast of new product in PSECE. New product contains DC E-load and high power DC source.

DC E-load will be a new and key product of APM in the next half year especially in Southeast Asia market. We have already get plenty of potential demand from Southeast Asia market. APM DC load covers from 300W to 28800W, including 3 voltages for selection, 150V, 600V and 1200V. For rack, APM DC load could reach to 13U. According to customer’s request, we especially design a 1/2 2U. Half width make APM unit more convenient to use in testing and manufacture.

Comparing with the past, power range of APM DC source single unit is 4000W. When customer has demand in high power range. Parallel or series connect in a cabinet is a solution. It could say that power range beyond 4000W is a slab of APM, one of the slab is the rack. Now, with the releasing of high power DC source, APM become more competitive in the power range higher than 4000W. 18000W only need 3U rack. It is more space-efficient than usual.

APM will keep high efficiency, high precision and high stability in our new product and we believe APM could earn more approval of different customer from the world by good quality and good service. 

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