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APM in APEC 2019
2019-04-02 15:22  Click Browse

APEC 2019 held on March 17th -21st in Anaheim Convention Center, California, USA. Focusing on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business, APEC is one of the most professional and influential exhibitions in the world. It is a great honor for APM to exhibit in APEC.
APM exhibited four products in APEC. The traditional product is programmable DC power supply and programmable AC source. With mature technology and production line, they have stable quality and good delivery time. Moreover, the appearance of the DC power supply is updated, which is well received by customers.
APM’s new product, high power DC power supply and DC electronic load, which developed independently by APM, was exhibit first time. These two products are tentatively scheduled to be launched in May 2019.
For high power DC power supply, the power can be 6-36kw, the voltage is 40-1500V, with 3-6U. It really performs little size with high power.
For DC electronic load, the power can be 0.3k-28.8kw, the voltage is 150v-1200V, and the current is 10-2880A. This wild range product line can cover most of the demands.
In APEC, APM two new products are exactly concerned. We are looking forward to their official launch.