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NEW - APM High Qualified Programmable AC Sources
2017-01-07 13:16  Click Browse

NEW Programmable AC Power Source has been launched recently by APM TECH.Would you like to know well of the main functions on APM AC source ? Here we go.

The following four models are going to come out first : SP300VAC2000W,SP300VAC3000W,SP300VAC4000W,SP300VAC5000W. They support AC+DC mixed or independent output modes. Based on different application areas , they are divided into Advanced Versions and Professional Versions. The Advanced Versionsare available to upgrade to Professional ones with paid service after purchasing.
These programmable AC source adopts high speed DSP+CPLD control, high frequency PWM power technology and active PFC design to realize AC/DC stable output , up to 0.99power factor and up to 85% conversion efficiency. It has wide application with providing voltage from 0~300V and frequency from 15~1200Hz.Built-in high precision power meter, it can real-time display 15 parameters including voltage,current,frequency,power factor ,etc as well as voltage and current harmonics analysis, up to 40 orders harmonics value/phase angle and waveform preview. Combined with features of multimeter, oscilloscope, harmonic analyzer and power analyzer , it is thought to be a mufti-functional equipment.

Support LIST/PLUSE/STEP mode for power supply disturbance simulation test,simple time setting and cycle setting,which is applicable to a variety of test scenarios. The IEC61000-3-3 test output impedance is available and low output impedance meet IEC61000-3-2 standard; Able to simulate the IEC61000-4-11, IEC61000-4-14, IEC61000-4-28 standard to complete the test of voltage drop, short circuit interruption, voltage changes and other specified test; Able to simulate the IEC61000-4-13 standard to complete the test of harmonics and inter-harmonics project.

Equipped with OCP,OVP,OPP,OTP ,reverse current and short circuit. 5.6-inch large touch color screen makes the users not only easily use your fingertips to change the power output parameters, but also can achieve autoregulation of the display brightness according to the environment, bringing comfortable operation and visual experience.


Standard communication interfaces are RS232 / RS485 / USB / LAN , GPIB is optional.The user can install the power monitoring software on the computer and real-time monitor the power supply through the above communication interfaces.The monitoring software covers almost all the functions of front panel setting.Graphical interface also allows users to easily set and edit the output waveform.Data can also be stored in your computer for future retrieval.

Annexed table: ThemaindifferentfunctionsbetweenAdvancedVersionsandProfessional VersionsonAPMACSources: